Centennial Connections Project

Linking Arizona Anthropology over a Century

Dear friends and colleagues,

The School of Anthropology Graduate Alumni Centennial Connections Survey is now closed.

As part of the celebration of the University of Arizona Anthropology’s Centennial year, we are constructing a social network model showing the many links between the faculty and graduates of University of Arizona Anthropology and organizations, businesses, governments, and universities from around the world in a project called Centennial Connections.

Survey is now closed. Thank you for your help!

How the data collected in the survey will be used: This social network model will appear on the University of Arizona Anthropology Centennial website throughout 2015, and your name and connections will be put into the giant network graph. You'll also be able to search for your connections and search others' connections by name.

You are an important part of 100 years of research, training, and applied knowledge. With this project, we want to explore the global impact of University of Arizona Anthropology. We'll be investigating the sub-fields, locations, and economic sectors where graduates of Arizona Anthropology work and teach.

We look forward to celebrating the Centennial with you! Thank you again for your participation!
     Dr. Diane E. Austin, Director, School of Anthropology
     Dr. Steven Kuhn, Director, Complexity Institute
     Nicole Mathwich, MA, Graduate Research Assistant, Centennial Connections Project